Once again I was selected this year by the jury to participate in the Ravenna Biennale.
And I was very surprised when, a week in advance, I saw photos of the posters appearing on Facebook, advertising the exhibitions that can be visited during the Biennale, that also this year my work is hanging on the wall in the streets of Ravenna.
The title of the work is ‘The theater of life’, size 56 x 46 cm.
I sent this text to the jury:
When I started to study Burri’s work the curator talked about the fact that he was actually a surgeon by training and that the stitches in his work refer to the stitching of wounds. I immediately thought of inner wounds, which I think we all carry within us. My works often refer to Roman mosaics, and masks also belong there. But my mask has different layers, because don’t we all wear a bit of a mask, do we really know who we are? Or is our own face also a kind of mask? To me, the hessian of the mask also refers to masks for burn victims, which in turn refers to Burri’s work treating the surfaces with fire.

This year again I met fantastic, like-minded souls. Many conversations are of course about mosaic and how it is always treated as ‘not art’ in the art world, which is of course a shame. But I enjoyed being in beautiful Ravenna again.