I am working on a series of mosaics ‘Roman with a twist’.
I have always taken a real Roman mosaic as inspiration, in this case ‘The bikini girls’ mosaic.
The twist is usually in an attribute that cannot be Roman, in this case the sunglasses. But I sometimes also use a little bit of other material than just marble or glass.
I also find it remarkable that you never see chubby or even fat people. Since many Roman mosaics are about drinking festivities and eating, that seems impossible to me. But perhaps there was also an ideal of beauty, such as it has existed for so long, where people did not represent reality, but rather how they wanted one to look.

However, I think that a little humor is allowed every now and then and that reality is beautiful to represent as it is.

This mosaic has been in the window of clothing store Un Poco Mas, Diestseweg 23 in Geel for a while. A clothing store for plus size ladies.

I can convert any photo into this mosaic style for you, contact me for more information.

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