Second international symposium Patagonia

In December 2021 I was allowed to participate in the second international mosaic symposium of Patagonia. At the invitation of Maestro Giulio Menossi – the artistic director of the symposium from Udine.

25 participants were selected from a very large group of applications. So it was a real honor to be selected.

The assignment was, kaleidoscope – disappear in colors and that included a film in which we got a presentation of this beautiful country.

After studying a kaleidoscope, I decided to make a sphere with several triangular surfaces, which is called an icosahedron. I first made a small design in paper and then I made a solid base for my mosaic.
No fewer than 20 triangles had to be filled in with contrasting colors and subjects. In any case, that was quite a challenge.
You can see the result in the attached photos and in the gif, where you see the sphere in motion.

Click on the photos to view them better.

The title of the work is: Reflected refraction

Dimensions are approximately 45 cm in diameter, the mirrors are all 60 x 60 cm and the triangles have legs of 23 cm each.

Many thanks to Giulio Menossi and Barbara for inviting me to take up this challenge.