I was asked by the mosaic association Mos’Art if I wanted to be a special guest (Invité d’honneur) at their next exhibition. Of course I want that!
They gave it the theme ‘Renaissance’ because they see my works as a rebirth of Roman mosaics.
The exhibition was held from 3 p.m. February 18, 2024 at l’Espace culturel, 1 rue du Général Leclerc, 59510 Hem.

In addition to my works and those of Pascaline Benetti (the other invited French artist), more than 50 other mosaic artists were on display, so it was a large, contemporary mosaic exhibition, the 5th edition to date.

It was a great honor to be asked and I have been extremely pampered by the organization. I would like to thank them again for everything!

Watch a video with all the works from the exhibition on YouTube here: MOS ART HEM 2024, by Michelle Munier Mosaïque.

This exhibition is now over, but if you go next year, nearby is a beautiful chapel with mosaics by Alfred Manessier and La Piscine, a very nice museum which is also not far away, so the perfect combination to do together with the visit of the exhibition.