A friend asked me to do a portrait of Bruce Springsteen for her husband’s 60th birthday. That portrait became the whole man with his famous guitar… I had just started my ‘Roman with a twist’ series and this one actually fitted in perfectly. Performing with instruments is also something you saw with the Romans. So I got to work, and she was very pleased with the result :-), Luckely!! Making people happy is what you do for you, right? Each mosaic comes with its own challenges and this one certainly had some, for starters it had to be Bruce Springsteen, look like him. The guitar was also quite a challenge, but of course the satisfaction is greater when it all works out and comes together. The spotlight is an idea that gradually grew, to get even more that ‘stage’ feeling that Iris wanted in it… This is what her husband wrote to me: ‘Dear Mieke, I just had the honor to unveil the artwork, my jaw dropped and my eyes filled with tears of emotion. I can’t express how beautiful I think it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you X 1000.
How nice is this? 🙂
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Original photo by: Craig ONeal