From October 8 to January 8, 2022 my ‘Lady in bikini’ from the series ‘Roman with a twist’ will participate in the Biennale in Ravenna. My work, along with 33 other works, was selected from 72 entries to participate in this exhibition (the date on the poster is incorrect as it was extended a week before the start).
Something I am very proud of.
In November I traveled to Ravenna to soak up the local atmosphere myself.
Before I could go myself I received photos from friends and acquaintances who could be there for the opening. I saw that the MAR museum already shared a photo of my work on their Instagram and I heard from an acquaintance that there is a large poster with my work hanging somewhere in Ravenna, I’m curious once I get there to see everything.
The first time to sent your work and had it delivered on time was exciting to say the least, but everything went well as you can see.
In the meantime I’m back from my trip to Ravenna, where I met my idol Marco de Luca, we went for a cup of coffee together and then he talked about his work for 2 hours. Then we went to see ‘Lady in bikini’ and the other works at Opere dal Mondo. Day 2 we visited the exhibition ‘Prodigy kit’ in the MAR museum and many other temporary exhibitions. Everywhere you come across shops where they sell very commercial mosaics. The 3rd day we were taken by Rosanna Fattorini to the house of Sergio Cicognani, who recently passed away and was one of the oldest mosaic artists in Ravenna. His family has set up a kind of mini-museum for him. In the afternoon we found the street where the big poster of my bikini lady was hanging. A very instructive, unforgettable experience again.

A few pictures of the more than 500 I took.