Turning your hobby into your profession, who wouldn’t want that?
It all started with a higher art education where I graduated in Free Graphics. After a lot of different jobs and not a lot of room for creativity in my life, one day I came across a book called ‘The art of mosaics’. As if struck by a bolt of lightning I knew: “That’s it! I want to do that!”, I saw many works composed of a lot of small stones in all kinds of styles, until then mosaic was limited to here and there a Roman mosaic I once saw somewhere, but now I saw a world of Contemporary mosaic opening, mosaic as an art form, not just a craft. This was the beginning of a whole new love for me, which has only grown more the last18 years It is often said that you should look at your childhood, what you liked to do then determines which choices you should make in later life. As a child I loved to puzzle, also ministeck or other fine work, I could completely lose myself in that. And what is mosaic other than making your own puzzles? And, even better, since then I’ve never felt like I’m working.
So I found my passion.
And especially making Roman mosaics with a contemporary twist makes me very happy. The simplification to the essentials, the limited use of color, finding the right marbles, applying the right andamenti rules, … it all contributes to the pleasure that making these mosaics brings me. Each work comes with its own challenges so it never gets boring and it’s never the same.
I am also happy to create a unique work for you: your favorite artist, your profession, one of your children or an animal you absolutely love, … everything can be converted from a photo to a mosaic that resembles an ancient Roman mosaic. There is always a twist, not only in the subject matter, sometimes also in the materials I use and I will always try to add something that is not in correct with Roman times, for example sunglasses or a toy car. But they all have one thing in common and that is: each stone is cut manually and placed in the right place, in order to achieve a unique work.
If you are interested in having such a work made, please contact me to discuss the options, details and price.
I am happy to help you find that one right photo or that one right twist.
Of course you can always visit my studio (by appointment) to take a look at how it all works.
Be welcome!

If you would like to learn mosaics yourself, you can take lessons from me in the academy of Wilrijk.

Since June 2016, craftsmen and women can apply for legal recognition to valorise their craft activities and know-how.
The activity must have an authentic character, based on manual labour, quality, tradition and innovation.
Mine was just extended for 6 years until July 18, 2028!