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    Mosaic with hammer and chopping block

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    Participant international symposium Sardinia 2018

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Roman with a twist

What would Romans make if they still would be making mosaics today, that’s the question I asked myself. As a result, I am currently working on a series of mosaics under the name ‘Roman with a twist’. In doing so, I start from contemporary themes and convert them into a Roman style mosaic. But there is always a twist, so you can clearly see that it cannot be a Roman mosaic.

Symposium Sardinia 2018

In August 2018, I was invited by Maestro Giulio Menossi to participate in the ‘Third International Symposium for Contemporary Mosaic in Sardinia’. A fantastic experience, every day was special. Like the day Beppi Dettori came to perform. Watch the video below for an impression.

Want to learn?

I teach at the Wilrijk academy there you can learn all about mosaics according to the correct. Learn all about andamenti in various mosaic styles: Roman, Byzantine and contemporary. Every student eventually finds his/her own unique style. There are some technical aspects to mosaics such as learning how to work with a hammer and chopping block, but once you master that, the possibilities of mosaics are endless.